Countdown, 41 days to Formland start, Yarn Bombing

Written by Vera Bjort Hauksdottir
2011-12-02 08:40

What is yarn bombing?

Yarn bombing is when knitting becomes street art. It might be a tree trunk donned with colourful knitwear, a rubbish bin dressed in a multicoloured knit, knitwear adorning bicycles, lamp posts and all sorts of other things.
Yarn Bombing, By Vera Bjort Hauksdottir
Formland is Scandinavia’s most inspiring trade show for interiors, design and decorative accessories, making it a perfectly natural venue for this traditional handicraft in its new form to be snatched up and put on display. Because that’s what design is often all about: creating an unexpected connection between highly familiar things.
Visit Formland Spring 2012 and be inspired by the cheer, colours and knitwear!
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