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Our Decor is laid-back, carefree, devoid of strict rules, and very free-spirited. Much like the Bohemian Lifestyle;

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Custom Interior design/ decoration 

We will help you to add your own design on curtains, cushions, wallpaper, wall art or carpets. If you wish to create special events with custom tablecloths and napkin for birthdays, weddings and Christmas.
Illustrative 3D plans

Once all the necessary measurements and plans have been made, the customer receives a complete, natural looking photographic plans directly from your computer use. This facilitates the customers to perceive the final appearance.
Our specialty is design to your home with matching furniture. Whether you need help planning your kitchen, home storage solutions, or even the choice of bathroom furniture - we'll help you!

DPTextile Office Project June 2015

April 2015 DPTextile took a lease in old indutrial building located in Lystrup, 8 km from center of Aarhus.The initial plan was to shine up the paint on the walls and give a good all over cleaning.
The slide show is clearly visualized the full scope of the project.
Enjoy the viewing!


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